Multilingual guidance on Teams

Guidance for future citizens of Oulu


Multicultural Centre Villa Victor has been helping citizens of Oulu with a foreign background for many years.

We are also offering online service for people, who are considering moving to Oulu and need guidance before arriving in Oulu. Unfortunately this service is not available at the moment.

The service and its goal

The service is provided in the form of personal online guidance to anyone, who is planning to move to Oulu and would like to know more about the city, everyday life, and things that need to be done before or shortly after arrival in Oulu. This is a great opportunity to talk to a local and ask any questions about your future hometown!


Our goal is to provide guidance and reassurance to people that want to move to Oulu. We want to offer you a helping hand to make the relocation and settling in your new hometown go smoothly.  


Book your guidance meeting

Anyone, considering moving to Oulu, can book a meeting with our consultant. Together we'll talk about your current situation, plans for the move, and any worries and concerns related to that.

The service is free of charge. 


Once you've booked your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation email as well as a link to the meeting in Teams. One day before the meeting you'll receive a meeting reminder.  


You can book your time here (At the moment it is not possible to book the time)