Climate Tips

When it comes to climate change mitigation, even small everyday actions are important. An individual consumer can impact the generation of greenhouse gas emissions for example by reducing energy consumption and private motoring, as well as by making more environmentally friendly food choices. These climate tips help you to make a difference.

Make a difference with your choices






Products and services

Prepare wisely


Storms and floods

Water quality


Home emergency supply kit

Other resources

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Calculating your carbon footprint

Carbon footprint refers to the impact of an action, product or service on the environment, in other words, how much greenhouse gas it produces. On average, the carbon footprint of a Finn is spread evenly among housing, transport, food and other consumption (for example, services and leisure) but there is much variation between individuals. You can take the test below to estimate your own carbon footprint.

Find further information here

  • Climate guide is a website with a lot of information about climate change, its impact and mitigation, and adapting.