Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Oulu

Carbon neutral Oulu in 2035 is set as an objective in the Oulu City Strategy, approved in the beginning of 2022. The strategy uses greenhouse gas emissions per capita as an indicator. Carbon neutrality is defined as reduction of emissions by at least 80% compared to the year 1990, used as a reference year, and compensation of the remaining emissions.

Statistics about greenhouse gas emissions are obtained with a delay of approximately one year. However, an estimate of the emissions of the previous year is released each spring.

Total greenhouse gas emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions of the City of Oulu in 2021, if converted in CO2, made up a total of about 1,006,000 tonnes (CO2-equivalent), which amounts to 4,8 tonnes per capita. Total emissions include the emissions by industry, residents and services. Industrial emissions are regulated by international treaties and the emissions trading system.

Table of greenhouse gas emissions in Oulu

The figures above are based on CO2-report. Other methods for reporting emissions are also used, e.g. for the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy reporting. The methods are not comparable as they include different sectors and the rules for calculating the emissions for each sector also vary. Yet another method is used for the Northern Ostrobothnia Climate Roadmap.