Early Childhood Education and Care Development and Project Work

Oulu’s early childhood education and care actively develops the staff’s pedagogical skills by arranging many different internal and external training courses. Additionally, there are multiple active development projects such as Hyvinvointipäiväkoti operations model, Välkyt operations model, and the Puoli päivää pihalla Project. The focus of the years 2020-2022 has been developing emotional and interaction skills as well as participation.  

The early childhood education and care development unit Alakööki supports sustainable development and culture and sports education activities in daycare centres. Alakööki organizes memorable and experience-based activities for children and training courses and events for staff.  

Multiple development projects are under work every year with the help of different project funding and state funding. The projects reinforce the quality of early childhood education and care. 

Evaluation and development of the activities are done following the early childhood education and care plan principles. The evaluation identifies strengths of the activities, highlights development needs, and improves the activities.