Välkyt Operations Model

Välkyt (the geniuses) is an operations model established in Oulu that introduces digital solutions into early childhood education and care to support pedagogy. The aim is to use digital devices and applications in a pedagogically purposeful way that supports the child’s growth and learning. Digitality is utilized as a tool in all groups, in all aspects of learning, and in all learning environments. All children have equal opportunity to practice, try, and produce content by themselves or together with other children with digital tools. This promotes the children’s creative thinking, cooperation, and multiliteracy skills. The staff guides the children to use the digital tools and environments in a versatile, responsible, and safe way.  

The Välkyt model began in 2015 in Oulu in the form of a project in select facilities. Gradually the activity expanded into more facilities. In 2017, the model had been implemented in all municipal daycare centres.  

Välkyt operations model poster