Alakööki - Develo­pement Unit for Sustainable Development and Cultural Education in Early Education

Alakööki façade photo
Alakööki façade photo

Alakööki shall

  • plan and carry out eventful activities for the daycare unit 
  • develop and promote sustainable development education and cultural education
  • organise activities and visits in cooperation with various cultural institutions and other operators in the City
  • operate as the local Green Flag promoter of the Finnish Environmental Education Society
  • develop physical education activities at daycare (so-called Mobile Early Education Project)

The corner stone of Alakööki is built on

  • early education and preschool plans for the City daycare
  • City environmental programme
  • locality

Alakööki expands the learning environment horizons for daycare units.

Alakööki organises activities for instance in the following locations:

  • Hupisaaret City Park
  • Timosenkoski Nature School camping site
  • The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum
  • Oulu Museum of Art
  • Oulu City Theatre
  • Oulu City Library
  • daycare centres
  • woods and parks close to daycare centres
  • family cafes organised by Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

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