Enrolling in School

Children born in 2017 will begin their basic education in autumn 2024. You do not need to enroll your child to school. The local school admission decision is made based on the child’s home address. The decision is made for every first- and sixth-grader-to-be currently living in Oulu. The child’s local school is determined by their official address registered in The Finnish Population Information System.

The City of Oulu comprehensive schools are divided into four different geographical regions: the northern, southern, central, eastern and western regions. Your child's local school is a school that is located in your geographical region. Usually the local school is the one closest to your home address.

The children whose local school is Oulu University Teacher Training School live in the central region. 

Some schools operate in two units. The principal decides whether a pupil studies in the main school or in a separate unit.

You can also apply for a place in a school other than your child’s local school. Further instructions can be found below in the Enrolling in First Grade and Enrolling in Seventh Grade sections. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions from below. 

Applying for special subject emphasis classes and certain schools

Oulu International School, Oulu Christian School, Oulu Steiner School, Taikatahti School and the Swedish-language Svenska Privatskolan i Uleåborg admit pupils from all city regions. These schools will make their own admission decisions. You can directly contact the aforementioned schools.

You can enroll a first-grader-to-be in a Northern Sami and Finnish bilingual class. The main application period is between 25 January and 13 February 2024. More information can be found in Enrolling in First Grade section.

Special subject emphasis classes for art, sports and music begin in grades 3 and 7. The classes have entrance exams. Read more about special subject emphasis classes and applying.

At any other times, please enroll your child in school by contacting your regional manager. You can find the regions and regional managers' contact information by clicking this link.

Enrolling in First Grade

Enrolling in Seventh Grade

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)