Health Protection Act Mandated Notifications

Filing notification according to the Health Protection Act

Read the design instructions

Familiarize yourself with the Environmental Office’s premises design guidelines (in Finnish).

Contact building inspection if needed

Figure out from building inspection if the designed premises is suitable for the planned use or do you need further construction permit 

Compile a self-monitoring plan

The operator is responsible for the possible risks of their operations. The operator must monitor the risk factors and prevent health hazards whenever possible. This is called self-monitoring. 

It is recommended that you compile your self-monitoring plan in writing. Written plans are readable, usable and can be utilized by anyone in the development and maintenance of the operation. The self-monitoring plan can consist of working instructions such as cleaning plans and equipment disinfection plans for example.  

File a written notification

A Health Protection Act mandated notification must be filed for the following premises and operations: 

  • Daycare centres and places for organising activities related to the gathering of children and young people

  • Schools and educational institutions 

  • Places where a social welfare operating unit provides continuous care

  • Spaces intended for accommodation

  • Exercise spaces such as gyms

  • Skin-breaking activities (e.g. a tattoo studio) and beauty salons that requires special hygiene

  • Solariums 

  • Public saunas 

  • Beaches, winter swimming places, swimming pools and spas 

  • Facilities supplying drinking water, other intake and use of drinking water

File the notification on the service at least 30 days before beginning operations. Attach the up-to-date blueprint to the notification and the site plan if needed. 

If you cannot file the notification on the service, you may file it with form (pdf). Deliver the filled in and signed form with all relevant attachments to the e-mail address or via mail: Oulun seudun ympäristötoimi, PL 34, 90015 Oulun kaupunki. 

Remember to file a notification also when the operation ends, significantly changes or the operator changes. You may file the notification on the service. You may also file a termination notification with a freeform e-mail.  

Processing of the notification

Once we have processed the notification, you will receive a certificate of processing the notification. The processing is subject to a charge. Read more on the charges (in Finnish).


The first inspection of operations is done within the first six months of staring operations. After this, further inspections are done based on risks at intervals of 1-5 years based on the control plan. More inspections can be done due to, for example, customer complaints or emergent indoor air problems. See the inspection frequencies mandated by the Health Protection Act in the control plan (in Finnish).

Cotrol plan's inspections are subject to a charge. Read more on the charges (in Finnish). Additionally, an annual charge is collected for the control.

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