Early Childhood Education and Care & Joy of Reading

Daycare and pre-school groups are welcome to visit the library. You can either visit the library independently with your group or book a guided visit. Libraries can organize a short guidance or storytime session for visits that have been booked in advance. For more information, please contact your local library. Mobile library Onneli visits daycare centres in Oulu.

Daycare groups can participate in open storytime sessions at libraries. Remember to enroll your group in advance. You can view your local library's storytime session schedule on Oulu City Library event website (in Finnish).

We organize online storytime sessions for daycare groups. Invitation letters are sent to early childhood education units via email. The letter includes further instructions on how to participate.

You can request book recommendations and library material packages on a topic of your choice at libraries and mobile libraries. Tips and recommendations can also be found at OUTI Web Library (in Finnish). Library Route website provides educators and teachers with book recommendations on a variety of topics (in Finnish).

Joy of Reading Service Model & Printable Materials

Pregnancy and Ages 0-2

Ages 2-6

Printable Joy of Reading Materials

Partnership with Daycare Centres

Oulu City Library partners up with a daycare centre each year. The partnership year begins with a library representative visiting the daycare centre. The representative can for example read stories or perform rod-puppet theatre for the children. In December, the representative visits the daycare centre to read Christmas stories. In spring, the daycare centre organizes an exhibition at the library. Exhibition opening will be celebrated together. Storytime sessions and guided library tours can be organized at the opening event as well.

Library Video Greeting for Early Childhood Education Parents' Nights

OUTI the Bear at the Library

OUTI the bear explores Kaukovainio library