Application period for pupils’ afternoon activities for 2022-23 open until 15 February


Apply for a place in afternoon activities for 2022-2023 preferably online on Wilma by 15.2.2022.

You can apply for a place in afternoon activities in basic education for 1st and 2nd grade pupils and for 3rd to 9th grade pupils who have a decision on special-needs support. A place for afternoon activities can be granted if both guardians are working, students or there is other special reasons why the activities are required.

A guardian can apply for a place for his or her child on Wilma with his or her Wilma access code.

After logging onto Wilma, choose Applications and decisions - Hakemukset ja päätökset, on the menu bar, then Fill out a new application - Tee uusi hakemus and finally, Application for morning and afternoon activities (applications and decisions) - Hakemus aamu- ja iltapäivätoimintaan (hakemukset ja päätökset).

If you do not have Wilma access code for a guardian, email for one to

If necessary, you can get a paper application form at Oulu10 information desk (Saaristonkatu 8) Paper applications have to be posted by 15.2.2022 to Iltapäivätoiminta, PL 17, 90015 Oulun kaupunki. (Afternoon activities, P.O. Box 17. 90015 City of Oulu)

Groups will be set up based on the number of applications submitted by the deadline

The set-up of groups for afternoon activities will depend on the applications submitted by 15.02.2022. Therefore it is important to apply for a place during the application period.

Applications submitted after the application period will be processed in their arrival order. If the group is not full, a place will be granted. If the group, however, is full, the child will be put to queue even if he or she would be starting school next term.

Decision of a place for afternoon activities will be available on Wilma 15.5.2022.

If you have any questions regarding Wilma, please email us at

For more information on afternoon activities: (In English) (In Finnish)