The attraction study of the city of Oulu’s strategic direction has been published

The citizens of Oulu wish for more concrete actions in city development – the attraction study of the city’s strategic direction clears up the opinions of the citizens on the city’s future

The attraction study of the strategic direction conducted by the city of Oulu has been published. Based on the study results, the decision makers can interpret the citizens’ hopes for the future better and influence the city’s strategical direction. The city’s shared goals should be more planned and clearer according to the study results.  

The most distinctive and brand-significant factors in the responses were everyday matters such as high-quality education, healthy life, safety, services and mobility. 

The European Capital of Culture project clearly strengthens the city’s attraction according to the responses. The respondents have a lot of expectations for this. Cultural Climate Change brings more city culture, art, creativity, sustainable travel and international atmosphere to Oulu. 

The statement “Oulu will be Carbon Neutral in 2035” clearly brings up mixed opinions. Carbon neutrality means that the city invests in sustainable infrastructure, responsible constructions, support of climate-friendly public transportation, promotion of circular economy and the increase of carbon sinks. Oulu wants to promote environmentally friendly modes of mobility and local nature tourism as well as the increased accessibility of greenspaces and nature trails. 

The goal of Oulu as Finland’s most business-friendly municipality was treated positively by the respondents. For example, a majority of the respondents see Oulu as a business-friendly municipality. The economy, entrepreneurship, jobs and investments are seen as some of the region’s development prerequisites. 

Only a small number of respondents have faith in the realization of the city’s development projects and international development. The city of Oulu’s Director of Communications Mikko Salmi believes that the citizens of Oulu should have more trust in this matter. However, the citizens of Oulu believe that the goals of the city strategy are going in the right direction. 

The study was conducted as an online survey and had a total of 2176 responses. The study was conducted by Kolmas Polvi Oy. The city strategy attraction study was finished in late 2023. The City Council has been informed of the topic in late February. The public version of the study can be found here: (in Finnish).