Starting 3rd Jan 2022, you cannot pay for your fare in cash on Oulu busses due to covid pandemic


Since 3rd of January 2022 paying in cash has not been possible on Oulu busses due to covid pandemic.

The reason for this temporary arrangement is the covid pandemic situation in Oulu region.

We have implemented this measure to protect the health of passengers and bus drivers.

You can pay for your bus fare by using your Waltti travel card, Waltti mobile application or you can use your debit/credit card to tap to pay or your mobile wallet.

Due to the increased number of coronavirus infections, we recommend buying the travel card and seasonal tickets online and using the contacless payment (tap to pay or mobile application). The Waltti mobile application allows you to buy single tickets and day tickets.

If online purchase is not possible, you can buy value tickets and season tickets from the self-service ticket vending machines. Many R-Kiosks sell value and season tickets. You can buy in person the Waltti travel card and all bus tickets at Oulu10 service point offices.

More information on contactless payment on Oulu busses

Locations of Waltti self-service vending machines (the page is available in Finnish only)

R-kiosks selling bus tickets

Locations and opening hours of Oulu10 service point offices