Service Point

Oulu10 offers a variety of services to all those visiting and living in Oulu. Oulu10 is a public service point where real experts on Oulu - both people and other sources of information - are found under one roof.

You can easily find help and advice on a wide range of matters related to Oulu and services offered by the city such as general information about social and health care and well-being services, information about personal annual limits in social and health care payments.

A wide range of brochures as well as theme and guide maps on services, events and services in Oulu, general information about local exercise and sports services can be found at Oulu10.

Fishing permits can be obtained here. Mooring berths for boats and allotments can also be reserved. Residential parking permits, veterans' parking permits and bus passes, queuing numbers for right-of-occupancy housing, guidance on e-services provided by the City of Oulu and possibility to use the services on location are also services provided here.

Multilingual services

Multilingual services are available at Oulu10 (Saaristonkatu 8, 90100 Oulu). Check out different languages and availability of multilingual services.

The Oulu10 service point provides guidance in Finnish and English daily by its permanent staff.

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