Breaking School Rules

Breaking School Rules results in additional student support and disciplinary action (POL§ 35, 36) 

  • Discussion or reprimand by a teacher 
  • Dismissal from the class 
  • Guidance discussion(s) 
  • Detention 
  • Written warning 
  • Suspension 



Our Breaktime Agreements 


  • I go out straight away. 
  • I stay in the school area. 
  • I walk in and out calmly and use the right door. 
  • I line up when the bell rings. 
  • I let the plants and other small creatures live in peace. 
  • I welcome everyone to join in. 
  • I take turns on the playground equipment. 
  • I spin in the “liito-orava” spinner when I can reach it myself from the ground. 
  • I leave my bike or other vehicle in the bicycle rack. 
  • I leave the other students' bikes or other vehicles alone in the racks. 


  • I wait for my turn in safe distance. 
  • One person at a time can swing on the swings. 
  • At busy times, I take a 3-minute turn on the swings. 
  • I stay sitting or standing on the swing while swinging. 


  • I play nicely on the snow hills. 
  • I only throw snowballs against the grey wall at the end of the football field.