Student Council

Every student at the Oulu International School is a member of the Student Council. The aim of the Student Council is to promote the wellbeing of the students and to provide students with involvement in the decision making in our school.

Student council Board is a representative group of students who manage and coordinate the activity of the Student Council. The Board is elected annually. Students vote for two students to represent each class in the Student Council Board. The Student Council Board elects a President and Secretary.

Student Council Board meets under the guidance of the coordinating teacher several times during each term, usually at least once a month. In these meetings the Board discusses about ideas and suggestions for the agenda. Suggestions are brought to the attention of classmates and the school’s principal and staff.

The Board plans and organizes events and campaigns, such as the daily operation of the breaktime rental and snack bar, to ​improve students’ well-being in our school. Students can have many tasks in the Student Council. However, all students share the same task: to act as role models to raise togetherness and team spirit in our school.

The Student Council Coordinators at OIS are Elina Pulkkinen and Janne Heinonen.