Students develop as readers through meeting the challenge of varied and increasingly demanding texts and through sharing their reading experience with others. Many of the students' questions which arise from our units of inquiry can also be researched and reflected upon through the use of our library. The library plays an essential role in our students' learning. We are continuously organising and stocking up our library, with a collection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books. The City of Oulu library cards work in our library, too.

Students are allowed to borrow books for home loan and at all times they are encouraged to use the library to find information for a range of purposes. Students are responsible for the books they borrow, therefore if a book is lost or returned in damaged condition, it must be replaced.

We are grateful for any donations of books or magazines to the library. We encourage parents of our students with mother tongues other than Finnish or English to purchase books in their mother tongues from their home countries for our library. The school will refund the purchase price on presentation of receipts.

We offer our students an excellent opportunity to develop their reading skills, to become more open-minded readers and better communicators by completing a Bilingual Reading Diploma (adapted for OIS from the Oulu City reading diploma). If you have any questions about the Reading Diploma or would like to make a donation to our library, please contact your child's class or homeroom teacher.