Optional Subjects

Optional subjects are studied six hours/week in gr 8 and four hours/week in gr 9. All subject choices are made through Wilma. 


Gr 7 students choose their optionals as follows:

1 compulsory skill-and-art (taitai) subject (gr 8 and 9) 

1 long optional (gr 8 and 9) 

1 short optional (gr 8) 


Note! Since A2 language is a long optional subject, students of A2 language may choose only one long and one short optional subject.  


When choosing optional subjects, please consider which subjects end at the end of gr 7 and 8. The following subjects end after gr 7: 

• Crafts 

• Visual Art 

• Home Economics 

• Music 


Subject ending after gr 8: 

• History (in the 9th grade the students have Civics) 


The assessment grades of these subjects will show in the Final Report Card. 


For more information about the optional subjects, please contact the Student Counsellor. 

Student Counsellor

Anneli Jokelainen
044 7039 703