Elements of MYP

Elements of the MYP

The MYP emphasizes communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement. In its drive to encourage students to become creative, reflective and critical thinkers who can make connections between their school subjects and the real world, the MYP has a framework which contains certain elements through which this can be achieved.


Approaches to Learning (ATL):

Developing skills:

· how to learn

·how to develop, organize and present ideas

· how to access information from the library, the Internet and other media

· how to work independently and collaboratively; how to solve problems

· how to strengthen affective skills such as mindfulness and resilience


Conceptual Understanding:

Focusing on powerful big ideas that have relevance within and across subject areas:

· to extend learning beyond the classroom

·to use learning as a way to connect experiences and ideas within many contexts

· to develop higher levels of thinking


Global Contexts:

· encouraging students to become increasingly aware of their place in the world

· developing international-mindedness

·  Increasing understanding of language and culture in order to become more globally engaged

· Creating authentic and relevant opportunities for global learning and understanding


Service and Action:

· encouraging students to act and make a positive difference to the lives of others

· developing understanding of self and responsibility towards the community

· encouraging students to plan and initiate activities

· addressing authentic community needs


Inquiry Based Learning:

·encouraging students to formulate their own questions to satisfy curiosity and deepen understanding

· encouraging students to design their own inquiries and ask additional questions

· encouraging students to construct meaning when exploring the world around them

· encouraging students to research and seek information and solve problems in a variety of ways

· promoting the inquiry cycle of inquiry → action → reflection → inquiry →


(IB MYP information adapted from Principles in Practice; IBO publication, 2014, and MYP Guide for Parents; IBO publication 2014)