Medical treatment plans in school

Guardians are primarily responsible for the implementation of their child’s medical care, if any. Since guardians are not able to supervise and implement medical care during the school day, any necessary supportive measures are provided by the school according to the guardians’ instructions.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health recommends the use of a Medical Treatment Plan in all work units where medical treatment is implemented. The purpose of the Plan is to unify the principles of implementation, to clarify the division of responsibility, and to define the minimum requirements for the implementation of medical treatment. 

The guardians of the child in need of support in their medical treatment will be invited to school as needed to record the necessary instructions for the child's personal medical treatment plan, and to agree on the adequate level of competence concerning their care. The actual implementation of medical treatment should be a natural part of the child's daily life. The Medical Treatment Plan includes information on the child’s personal details, their state of health, disease and the treatment procedures. This information is confidential and handled with care. The purpose of the Plan is to make sure that the measures required by the child's illness are known widely enough by the school’s adults. The guardian is responsible of the correctness of the above information and is obliged to inform the school’s contact person of any changes in the child’s care. 

The Medical Treatment Plan must be made if, for example, the child

· takes medication for epilepsy (instructions for medication from guardians!)

· takes medication for asthma

· takes migraine/ medication for headache

· takes medication for allergy

· has diabetes (meeting with family has been had)

· has Epipen for a severe allergic reaction (guardians inform on allergies, treatment and symptoms; nurse gives instructions on the use of Epipen)

Guardians submit all medicaI products in person in their original packaging with the relevant instructions to the staff, labelled by the child’s name and preferably their photo. Single pills or jars without original packages are not accepted.

Guardians are advised to be in contact with the class/homeroom teacher of their child in case of a need for medical treatment in school.