News from December'23


The whole staff wishes you all a happy Finnish Independence Day and a very good December! Here are the news this month.


1) ABSENCES. Please clarify any unclarified absences (selvittämätön poissaolo) immediately. Also the ”Muu syy” (Other reason) must be explained. The same goes for being late for lessons. Parents are asked to make sure their children come to school on time. 

2) WARM OUTDOOR WEAR. The students spend most of their breaks outside. All families are kindly asked to check that their children are appropriately dressed (incl. hats and mittens) for the winter season so they can fully enjoy the break times and outdoor activities. We also strongly recommend indoor shoes or slippers as the floors tend to get wet in the winter.

3) LOST & FOUND. We kindly remind parents and students to name all clothes items. The Lost & Found items are displayed again in the PYP lobby during 4.-11.12 ONLY. Please encourage your children to look for their lost items themselves or come here to school to find them. The unclaimed items will be donated to charity on week 50.


6.12. Day off (Independence Day)

Fri 8.12. @13-16 Gr 8 Taidetestaajat visit: Ihmemaa Oz @ Oulun teatteri

Thu 14.12. @ 8.15-11.30 Optional Subjects Fair for gr 7

13. & 14.12. Lukio (upper secondary school) open days for gr 9
15.12. Christmas lunch for all
15.12. Mental wellbeing theme day for gr 5-9


Last school week’s timetable. Your child’s teachers will send you the more detailed timetable Note: there will be no A2 languages.

Mon 18.12. Normal school day.

Tue 19.12. Normal until 12:30, school ends at 13:15.
12:15-13:15 Winter Celebration for students
18:00-19:00 Winter Celebration for parents of grades 2,4,6 and 8
Wed 20.12.

8:30-12:15 School day
9:00 Church service (Oulu Cathedral) & Season's Greeting Event (OIS Gym)

Thu 21.12.

10:15-13:15 School day

Fri 22.12.

9:00-12:00 School day. Porridge and Gr 5–9 Report cards. If student is not in school on the last school day, please submit us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we shall send the report card to you. 

6) SPRING TERM starts on Monday 8.1.2024 according to the normal timetable.

7) ASSESSMENT DISCUSSIONS. Gr 1-4 parents are reminded that instead of the end-of-term report cards, there will be assessment discussions in December-January. These are compulsory to attend.

8) KUVAVERKKO RE-SHOOT. If you were sick on the school photo day or missed a friend/sibling photo, the reshoot will be on Thu 14.12. at 17-19 at Konetie 33, 90620 Oulu, 2nd floor. The photo shooting will work on non-stop basis. The photographer will give you a slip which will be used to register online after the shoot.

UUSINTAKUVAUS OULUSSA. Jos olit sairaana kuvauspäivänä tai jäi kaveri/sisaruskuva ottamatta, nyt on mahdollisuus tulla Kuvaverkon uusintakuvaukseen to 14.12. klo 17-19 Konetie 33, 90620 Oulu, 2 krs. Kuvaukset toteutetaan jonotusperiaatteella. Kuvaajalta saa kuvauslapun, jolla käydään kuvausten jälkeen ilmoittautumassa netissä.

9) BOOK DONATIONS WELCOME! We are grateful if you can donate children’s books in good condition in your home language to our school library. We are missing books especially in Tamil and Hindi.

10) TRAINING FOR GUARDIANS OF GR 3-6 ON MONDAY 4.12. @17-18:30 Työkaluja ja keinoja tarkkaavuuden ja keskittymisen tueksi varhaisessa vaiheessa (Tools and means to support attentiveness and concentration skills at an early stage). The lecture will be in Finnish but the material will be shared in English. Info:

Link to join the training: Työkaluja ja keinoja tarkkaavuuden ja keskittymisen tueksi varhaisessa vaiheessa / Huoltajien koulutus