School Nurse

The school nurse works mainly for pre-scheduled health check-ups. Walk- in times are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11.30-12.30 when student may come to meet nurse without prior appointment. For urgent medical attention students are advised to go to their nearest health care center (Kontinkankaan hyvinvointikeskus, Kajaanintie 46A, 1st floor). If a parent has to stay away from work to look after a child under the age of 10-12 (depends on the guardian's employer), our school nurse can provide a certificate about it for their employer. 

New families moving to Oulu are asked to submit their child's immunization documents to school nurse as soon as possible. The school health care is responsible for administering vaccinations according to the national immunization program.

Health check-ups are provided annually during the student's entire school career, in which their condition and development are followed. Extensive health check-ups are offered for students in grades 1, 5 and 8 by the School Nurse and Doctor. Students of other grades have a shorter health check-up. Guardians are notified by the School Nurse through Wilma about booking and the contents of the health check-up. Additional check-ups can be administered if necessary.

The school has an emergency first aid kit to provide immediate care for bruises and cuts. Only the nurse is allowed to give painkillers to students. In case of a more serious accident or injury, parents are contacted as soon as possible and student is taken straight to nearest health care center if necessary. The class/homeroom teacher must be informed of any medication, illness or condition which may have an effect on the student's school work.