Pictures of Oulu

The City of Oulu media bank includes pictures of different seasons, buildings and landmarks in Oulu. The pictures can be used accordingly to good practices in electronic and printed publications that concern the city of Oulu.

View pictures in city media bank

By downloading materials from the media bank you accept the following terms and conditions: 

  • Pictures and videos are meant only for communication concerning the city of Oulu and for other non-commercial use.
  • Pictures and videos must be used accordingly to good practices. They must not be separated from the context or to promote ideological or political ideas.
  • Pictures cannot be archived or handed over to third parties.
  • You must always state the picture's source to be the photographer's name / The City of Oulu.

If needed, please verify the right to use a picture from the city's communications department (in Finnish).

The City of Oulu logos

You can find the city logos, fonts and the brand guidelines from our website on the city brand (in Finnish).

More pictures of Oulu

Oulu Museum and Science Centre media bank (in Finnish) has printable pictures of current exhibitions and events for the media.

Oulu Museum of Art and The Northern Ostrobothnian Museum picture services (in Finnish) provides photos of works of art and historical photos for both private and public use. The main purpose of the picture services is to capture, collect, document and archive cultural heritage in the area.

Uuno Laukka picture archive (in Finnish) includes over 8000 old pictures. Inquiries concerning the pictures can be addressed to the picture services of Oulu Museum and Science Centre. 

Public outdoor sculptures (in Finnish) is Oulu Museum of Art's picture collection of public outdoor sculpture in Oulu. You can search sculptures based on the artist, the sculpture or the location.

Visit Oulu media bank presents travel-themed pictures of Oulu region.