Children playing in a playground in the summer

Welcome to Oulu’s happy playgrounds! There are 160 playgrounds in Oulu, so there is plenty to choose from. Visit them all in summer if you want. 

You will find the locations of all the playgrounds on the Karttatie service.

Playgrounds in Oulu are categorized based on equipment and location into play areas, playgrounds, and central playgrounds. 

Plays areas are close to the residents. They offer possibilities for basic games for children. Each play area includes swings, spring swings, sand boxes, slides, and a jungle gym. 

Playgrounds have more varied equipment. They are located near pedestrian traffic lanes, near other services, and they serve larger areas. On top of the play equipment, playgrounds include a hill, and a small grass field. The goal is that there is one playground in each larger region. 

Central playgrounds are multifunctional parks for the whole family that bring together people from all over the city. By equipment, the central playgrounds are the most varied and they might include a certain theme. Additionally, the central playgrounds include exercise and sport equipment for older users. Central playgrounds fit well for day trips. 

Playgrounds include equipment for children of all ages. The equipment is designed for different age groups so that toddlers cannot reach the equipment meant for school-aged children.  

In the winters the playgrounds can be used for outdoor exercise, snow play, and sledding. The equipment is not usable in the winter because snow and ice may render their use unsafe: the equipment surfaces are slippery, and the safety surfaces are hard.  

If you find any faults or anything lacking, please contact the contractor responsible for the playground’s upkeep (the contact information is found on the info plaque in the playground). The plaque also includes the address in case of emergency.  

Playgrounds on the map

City Centre Region

Höyhtyä Region

Oulunsuu Region

Kaukovainio Region

Kaakkuri Region

Maikkula Region

Tuira Region

Puolivälinkangas Region

Koskela Region

Pateniemi Region

Kaijonharju Region

Myllyoja Region

Korvensuora Region

Ylikiiminki Region

Hiukkavaara Region

Haukipudas Region

Kello Region

Kiiminki Region

Jääli Region

Oulunsalo Region

Yli-Ii Region