Greenspace Upkeep

Spring in Lasaretinsaari

The care and upkeep of parks and greenspaces is directed by upkeep rating.

Greenspaces in Oulu city centre and in areas surrounding the city centre, are kept by Oulun Infra. Other areas are categorized by regional contracts. Oulun Infra supervises and organizes competitions for upkeep contractors for the regions. The regions are visible on the map service.

The vegetation, materials, and use of the regions dictate the intensity and quality of the upkeep. Duties of upkeep are, among other things, care of grass, vegetation, surfaces, structures, and equipment and sanitation of greenspaces.  

Please give feedback via Oulu’s feedback service. In urgent matters please contact the contractor.  

Upkeep Ratings

With Property Owner’s Permission

Cutting down Trees in Public Spaces