Urban Agriculture

Plants blooming in a city park

The city of Oulu rents farm boxes for the summer season 2024. 

The farming spots near the city centre are Holli park, Salmela park, Veturiaukio, and Reelinkiaukio. There is a total of 101 farm boxes up for rental. There are two accessible farm boxes for rent in Holli park, Veturiaukio, and Reelinkiaukio.  

The farm box is 40 cm high, 80 cm wide, and 120 cm long. The dimensions of the accessible boxes are considered for wheelchair users. The wooden farm boxes are delivered to locations filled with soil in late May, assigned for the farming group.  

The farm boxes are filled with garden soil enhanced with natural fertilizer in the beginning of the season. The city will provide water for the plants in Holli park, in other spots the farmers must provide water themselves. All farming spots are provided biowaste and mixed waste bins for the duration of the season. 

Renting Farm Boxes 

Farm boxes are rented in March-May in the electronic rental service. 

Shared ground rules:

  • The farming group acquires the seeds and saplings themselves, and will take care of the plants 

  • The farmers will keep the surroundings of the farm box clean. Equipment and items must not be stored at the farming spot. 

  • The farming group will inform the city if the farming ends prematurely. The freed box can be re-rented.

  • By the end of the season, the farming group will remove the plants from the box and clean the box.