Street, Traffic and Environmental Planning

The municipality is responsible by law to carry out traffic and street planning, building and maintenance in the local detailed plan area as well as integration of all service conduits and structures, and the preservation of biodiversity and sufficient greenspaces. 

The aim of street, traffic and environmental planning is to create a functioning, safe, accessible and attractive city where all building is made in accordance with approved street and environmental plans.

Streets, bridges, marketplaces, marinas, greenspaces and public spaces are built and redeveloped in accordance with the annual investment and construction plan. 

We are creating new and repairing old together. You have a chance to express your opinion in all stages of planning and suggest improvements. 

Initiation Phase

Street planning starts with drawing up a participation and assessment scheme that is used to announce the initiation of the project. The participation and assessment scheme is publicized on the city of Oulu’s communication channels and on the Plans and Planning Projects webpage which is updated as the project progresses. A separate plan bulletin is drawn up for small projects that are used to inform the interested parties as the planning progresses.  

Public and presentation events can be held during the planning phase. The number of events vary based on the project’s extent, duration, and effects.  

You may express your opinion and ask questions about plans by participating in these events or by responding to inquiries regarding the project, or by contacting the planning personnel directly. Their contact information is listed on the Plans and Planning Projects webpage and in other interaction documents of the project.

Proposal Phase

A street plan proposal is drawn up and presented in public according to the Land Use and Building Act. The street plan proposal is presented in public by the city of Oulu’s Urban Environmental Committee, and it must be presented for at least 14 days.  

Presenting the proposal in public is announced in the city of Oulu’s communication channels and local newspapers. The right to object is announced in writing to the property owners in the plan area (interested parties). For significant projects, before the street plan is approved, opinions may be requested from other interested parties, such as the Heritage Agency, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and other associations or accessibility groups. 

The concerned parties hold the right to object to the street plan proposal while it is publicized. The objection must be delivered in writing to the Urban Environmental Committee, postal address: Oulun kaupungin kirjaamo, PL 71, 90015 OULUN KAUPUNKI, visiting address Kansankatu 55 A or by e-mail:  

Approval Phase

The approval of a street plan is decided by the Urban Environmental Committee or city engineer after publicizing. The Urban Environmental Committee processes objections and responses to them. After the processing, the Urban Environmental Committee either approves, declines or directs the street plan to re-preparation. The city engineer approves street plans that have not received objections during the publicizing period.

Building Designing

Building designs are compiled according to the approved street plans and the principles presented in them. Building designs are designs drawn up for building that present all needed information on the streets, parks, water supply and sewerage, district heating, electricity and telecommunication networks and possible engineering structures, such as bridges, retaining walls and bunding, underpasses, tunnels and pile supported slabs.