Oulu cityscape, aerial picture

Basic essentials of city life are created and maintained with public construction. These construction projects often are results of multiple cooperative parties.  

As the construction developer, we are responsible for the construction and official duties of streets, bridges, marketplaces, greenspaces and boat harbors.  

We hire the construction services from contractors and the Oulun Infra Public Utility.

Investments and construction plans 

Infrastructure investments of Urban and Environmental Services, Oulu’s Budget Estimate (pages 163-168):

City Budget Estimate 2024 (in Finnish)

Construction plans approved by the Community Board:

Street Construction Plan 2024 (in Finnish)

Main road and other traffic arrangement construction plan 2024 (in Finnish)

Environmental construction plan 2024 (in Finnish)

Construction sites 

You will find all construction sites on the Karttatie service, in the menu in the upper left corner of the site. Construction sites and inconvenience caused by them among other things are informed according to the nature of the project when they are relevant. 

Picture from the Karttie service
Services in the menu in the upper left corner of the site.