Clubs and Activities

Comprehensive schools provide pupils with free clubs and hobby activities both during and immediately after the school day. Schools inform guardians and pupils about their school's clubs in the beginning of the semester and on their websites. All school clubs can be found on the Harrastamisen aarrearkku calendar.

Clubs and activities are organised by schools and by the project team of Harrastamisen aarrearkku. The activities are based on pupils' wishes in school facilities or near the school. The most popular activities are different arts and crafts, sports and cooking clubs. Club instructors are teachers, sport association coaches and artists.

Free after-school activities

In Oulu, the national Finnish model for leisure activities is called Harrastamisen aarrearkku. The model operates in all comprehensive schools in Oulu and provides pupils in grades 1-9 with free after-school activities.

You can find all schools' activity calendars on a shared electronic platform, through which you can also enroll in the activities. The calendar link is further down on this page. You can enroll in both clubs offered in your school and also for clubs at schools nearby in case they still have empty spots left.

A project manager coordinates the activities together with four hobby coordinators. Four regional hobby coordinators and two full-time hobby instructors work in the schools in their area and develop hobby activities for pupils.

Outreach hobby work is one of the tasks of the employees of Harrastamisen aarrearkku. They help every child and young person find a hobby group. Their contact information can be found below. 

Ask more - Harrastamisen aarrearkku contact information

Harrastamisen aarrearkku is part of the Finnish model for leisure activities, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM). It aims to provide every child and young person with an enjoyable, free hobby after school. 

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