Multilingual Pupils

In Oulu, multilingual pupils whose native language is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami, or whose family uses other languages in addition to the above-mentioned languages, are provided with preparatory education for basic education, Finnish as a second language teaching and teaching in the pupil's own mother tongue.

The goal is for the pupils belonging to different linguistic and cultural groups to achieve basic education knowledge and skills to a level that they have the best possible precondition to further studies. In addition, the goal is to strengthen the pupils' functional multilingualism and support the building of their identities.

Before starting their basic education journey, pupils with immigrant backgrounds can participate in preparatory education organized by the City of Oulu. The pupil transitions to their own local school after participating in preparatory education.

Oulu International School is intended for Finnish and foreign children who will benefit from international programs and whose language skills are sufficient enough to study in English. 

Preparatory education

Studies after preparatory education

Finnish as a Second Language Teaching (S2)

Mother tongue teaching

Oulu Interna­tional School (OIS)

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