Registering as an Animal Keeper

Animal keepers are obligated to and responsible for registering and establishing a habitat for the animal. 

The duty to register and mark concerns a large group of animals excluding animals often kept as pets such as cats and dogs. The duty does not concern reindeer. If you keep any of the animals below, you must register as an animal keeper regardless of the number of animals and their purpose. 

  • Bovine animals (cows) 
  • Porcine animals (pigs) 
  • Ovine animals (sheep) 
  • Caprine animals (goats) 
  • Poultry (chickens) 
  • Equine animals (horses) 
  • Camel and deer (excluding reindeer) 
  • Fur animals 
  • Fish, crustacean and mollusk animals (excluding decorative animals kept in an aquarium) 
  • Bees and bumble bees 

Further information about animal identification and registration on the Finnish Food Authority’s website

Registering as an animal keeper is done with the agricultural industry authority of your municipality. In connection with the registration, an establishment is registered in the geographical location where the animals are kept. 

The agricultural industry authority of the municipality utilizes a service which ensures that the registration is made according to the notifications.

Agricultural Authority Contact Information 

The agricultural authority will assist you in finding and filling in forms. 

The animal keeper registration co-operation district administered by Oulu also includes Ii, Pudasjärvi and Utajärvi. 

See the agricultural authority contact information (in Finnish).

Further information and forms 

Further information and all needed forms can be found from the Finnish Food Authority’s website.