Veterinary Appointments

The municipality offers basic veterinary care on weekdays during office hours and urgent care at all hours of the day. 

In the Oulu region you will receive basic veterinary care and guidance for pets and livestock in the following matters for example: 

  • For livestock and horses: health check-ups, treatment of acute illnesses, euthanasia, pregnancy and fertility examinations, official import and export check-ups 
  • For pets: health check-ups, vaccinations, ID marking, export and import documentation, castration, sterilization, treatment of acute illnesses and euthanasia 

What to do 

For livestock and horses: make an appointment by calling the livestock and horse appointment booking service.  

For pets: make an appointment by calling the pet appointment booking service. If you want to book an appointment at the Muhos clinic, please mention this when booking the appointment. Otherwise, you will receive an appointment at the Oulu clinic.  

Please cancel your pet appointment in good time when needed by calling the appointment booking service or by e-mail to the address Appointments cannot be cancelled with a text message. A fine of 41,00 € will be charged for appointments that were not cancelled or were cancelled at the last moment.  

Please note! Sometimes you might have to wait for your appointment, or your non-urgent appointment might be cancelled to make way for an urgent emergency.  

Who can book an appointment 

Basic veterinary care for livestock is the municipality’s responsibility if the service is not otherwise available in the co-operation district. 

Background and Legislation

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