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Borrowing and charges

Oulu City Library and OUTI libraries

The Oulu City Library consists of the main library and 21 local libraries in different parts of Oulu. Oulu City Library is one of the OUTI libraries. All the OUTI libraries are located in the Oulu region, and they cooperate extensively. The other OUTI libraries are the libraries of Ii, Kempele, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Siikajoki, Tyrnävä and Vihanti.

Contact information for OUTI libraries

Library card

The same library card is valid in all OUTI libraries.

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Anyone who has a library card to one of the OUTI libraries can borrow the materials of all the OUTI libraries. The loan period is usually four weeks.

Library customers can also order materials not available in OUTI libraries from elsewhere in Finland or abroad.

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Borrowed materials can mostly be returned to any OUTI library.

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If a customer does not return the loans on time, he must pay an overdue fine. The overdue fine is paid for every day after the due date. There are no overdue fines for children's materials, except for DVD's, CD-ROM s, Blu-ray discs and console games.

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If some materials are away from the library a customer can reserve them. There is a fee for reservations. Exceptions are children's books and young people's books that you can reserve free of charge. The reservation fee is paid when you come to the library to pick up the materials you have received.

Customers can make reservations in the library in person or online in OUTI online library. In order to make online reservations you need a customer identification number and a password. Your customer ID is on your library card. You can get the password in the library in person.

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Loans can be renewed if there are no reservations. You can renew your loans up to five times in a row. Loans can be renewed in person in the library, by phone or in OUTI Web Library. In order to renew your loan online you need a customer identification number and password.

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Terms of Use

The terms of use are established by the director of library services. The new terms of use came into force on 1 April 2014.

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