Self-service libraries

A valid OUTI library card and PIN are required to enter the library premises during self-service hours. If you do not have a PIN or have lost your PIN, you can get one by visiting the library’s customer service. You can also request a new PIN online via the OUTI Web Library by selecting login and the link "Forgot your PIN?". A new PIN is sent to the email address added to your contact details.

The main door of the Kaijonharju Library. The self-service login device is on the left side of the door.

Login device

You need to log in to access a self-service library via the login device located beside the library door. Scan your library card with the device and type in your PIN. 

Customers under 16 years of age can access self-service libraries with their library card only with the consent of their guardian. The guardian must visit the library in person to register their consent into the library customer register. The guardian must prove their identity with a valid ID during the visit.

Organizational library cards do not grant the access to self-service libraries. 

During the self-service hours of the Haukipudas, Hiukkavaara, Kiiminki, Oulunsalo and Pekuri Libraries, the libraries are open without customer service. These libraries do not have a self-service login system at the door and you can enter these libraries normally during the self-service hours.

Libraries provide regular services during staffed opening hours. 


The services

During self-service hours, you are free to use the library’s collections, spaces and computers. You can borrow and return library materials by using self-service stations. You can pick up reserved materials from the reservation shelf and borrow them by using a self-service station. 

Customer computers are available for use during self-service hours. Printing and copying can only be done during regular staffed opening hours. Customer computers cannot be reserved via Varaamo online service for use during the self-service hours. 

Two people are returning a book using a self-service station.

Return materials

During self-service hours, you can return items by using a self-service station. 

A person borrows books using a self-service station.

Borrow materials

During self-service hours, you can borrow books and other library materials by using a self-service station.

Customer responsibilities during self-service hours

Customers that enter the self-service library agree to follow the rules of Oulu City Library. Customers must keep the library spaces clean and organized during their visit. Customers must ensure that the library entrance door is properly closed and locked both after entering and leaving the building. 

Customers are liable to cover any disturbance or damage caused by them during self-service hours. If the customer is under 18 years of age, the guardian in the library customer register is responsible for the underage customer's behaviour and for any damage caused by them.

Disturbing behaviour and damaging library property can lead to suspension of the right to use self-service libraries.

Customers must leave the library immediately when the self-service hours end. If the customer’s actions trigger the safety alarm, the customer is liable to cover the cost of false alarm. 

The safety and use of self-service libraries is monitored with recording video surveillance.