Principles for a safer space

The following are the principles to ensure a safer space at the Oulu City Library. The principles have been established following the results of a 2022 customer survey. The services and operations of the Oulu City Library promote the fulfilment of the City of Oulu Operational plan for equality and non-discrimination 2022–2026. The plan is based on the Non-Discrimination Act and the Act on Equality between Women and Men

The principles for a safer space have been established in October 2022. 

Our promise

The operations and services of the library promote the equality and non-discrimination of all people. All library spaces and events are substance-free. We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination or inappropriate behaviour. We will address any inappropriate behaviour.

Give space

Respect other people’s personal space and right to bodily integrity. Do not touch others without permission. The library is a common space for us to share – let’s make sure that it is a safe and comfortable space for everyone.


Respect the diversity and autonomy of other people. Everyone is welcome to visit the library, and every visitor has the right to use the library services in peace.


Listen to the thoughts and opinions of others and give everyone space in the conversation. Do not make assumptions based on other people’s appearance or actions. Do not talk derogatorily of others. 

Follow these steps if you encounter harassment or inappropriate behaviour

What is harassment, inappropriate behaviour and discrimination?