Reserving materials


If a book or another item is currently not available at the library because all copies have been checked out, a customer can reserve it, i.e., place a hold on the material. Materials that are available at the library, located at another branch library or at one of the OUTI Libraries can also be reserved.


Fee for uncollected reservation

Reserving items is free. If you don't collect your reservation within the appointed time, the fee is 1 euro.

A customer may have maximum of 100 reservations at one time.


Making a reservation

You can make a reservation

In order to make a reservation in OUTI Web Library, you need your library card number and PIN as your password. The PIN can be obtained in person from the library customer service.


Reservation notification

When reserved materials arrive in the library and are ready to be picked up, you are notified by mail, e-mail or text message. You can select the preferred means of reservation notification in OUTI Web Library.