Critic, Mindset, Entrecomp & Greencomp

Mats Westerberg at the filming of the video seminar.

Mats Westerberg is a professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Luleå University of Technology.

On this page, you can watch his five video lectures, in which Mats discusses entrepreneurial skills and the starting points of entrepreneurial thinking.

The materials are free to use in teaching and independent studying.

Materials for education and teaching

A. Introduction (3 min)

B. Dweck's Mindset Theory and entrepreneurial competences (2 min)

C. Mindset Theory (8 min)

D. Entrepreneurial competences (7 min)

E. Greencomp (9 min)

Pre-assignment for the seminar on 9.10.2023

Register for the seminar organised on 9.10.2023 at 14:30-15:30 (EET).
Registration for the seminar has ended! Many thanks to the participants.
There is no recording available of the seminar.