Project Information

Aurora Entrepreneurialis poster

Aurora Entrepreneurialis 1.1.2023-31.12.2025

Core themes of the project:

  • Developing the entrepreneurial culture of secondary level schools in the region
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship education
  • Developing cross-border collaboration between schools

The overall objective of the Aurora Entrepreneurialis project is to develop secondary-level schools entrepreneurship education in a multifaceted way. The main target groups for the project are students and teachers.

Working with these areas, the project will create impactful cross-border connections between schools in northern Sweden and Finland and strengthen the whole region’s skills supply long-term. Project activities include creating cross-border networks, high-quality teacher training, innovation events & company visits for students and facilitating collaboration activities between schools.

The project gives young people skills and experiences to become enterprising citizens who can take advantage of opportunities to work, study and run sustainable enterprises in the whole region and who are able to help create a more sustainable future. At the same time, participants develop various useful skills such as taking initiative, courage, creativity, responsibility and collaboration.

The project supports schools, organisations and companies in developing collaboration which can continue smoothly also after the project. All the educational materials, the innovation camp model and toolkits for organising events, as well as other results of the project will be publicly available and free to use during and after the project.

Project partners


Project is funded by Interreg Aurora, Lapin Liitto and Region Norrbotten.

The funders of the project.