The Aurora Entrepreneurialis project organizes 2-day visits and 3-day innovation camps until the end of 2025. Places have been reserved for almost a hundred of our partner school students and representatives of teaching staff from the Bothnian Arc and Torne Valley areas for each event.

For example, participants can visit companies in the regions, solve challenges given by the organisations together with each other, and develop their future skills. We use English as a common language at the events.

We collect tips, thoughts and ideas on organizing events on this page. You can use the materials freely.

You can find more information about specific events under the heading Event calendar

Aurora Entrepreneurialis events - collaboration, solutions, learning experiences

Participants in an event.


Innovation Camp in Luleå

In our latest event, we dived into the green transition in Northern Sweden and innovated solutions to the challenges in the area. The winner solution was Learn and React, developed by the team Vilma Pesonen, Sonja Ikonen ja Pauliina Myllymäki (Haukiputaan lukio, Oulu) sekä Felicia Sannerborg ja Ana Paula Dudalta (Tornedalsskolan, Haparanda)


Event calendar

School year 2024-2025

Borderless North, 8.-9.10.2024 in Tornio

Entrepreneurship and (un)sustainable Fashion, 25.-26.2.2025 in Luleå

Innovation Camp, 23.-25.4.2025 in Oulu

School year 2025-2026

3-day event in Tornio

2-day final event in Luleå

Past events

School year 2022-2023

Kickoff 10.-11.5.2023 in Oulu

School year 2023-2024

My Future - Our Future 6.-7.9.2023

Junior Achievement 27.-28.2.2024

Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Luleå 16.-18.4.2024