Fruits of Collaboration

Illustration of different forms of collaboration

Welcome to explore the fruits of the collaboration projects and activities of the upper secondary schools involved in the Aurora Entrepreneurialis project and to get ideas to support your own work!

How can I use the materials?

Click open the topic that interests you from the drop-down menu below. Inside, you can find information about the theme of the collaboration, content description, time resources and practical tips, for example. The material is also available for download as a pdf file. You can use of the ideas as they are or choose the parts that suit your purpose. You can also find more information on the Tips for Collaboration page.

Some of the activities have been implemented as a broader collaboration between teaching staff and schools, others as projects between individual teachers and their teaching groups. Collaboration has been primarily conducted remotely, but also face-to-face in the northern border area.

The example projects have been designed in collaboration meetings facilitated by Aurora Entrepreneurialis with those involved in implementing the projects.

You can view the Aurora Entrepreneurialis schools on the map.

Themes and contents of collaboration

CIRCULA Game (sustainability, circular economy, entrepreneurship education)

ICT and entrepreneurship education

English (ENA3) and entrepreneurship education

Swedish (RU15) and entrepreneurship education