Experience Arena

Architectural visualization of the arena for events and experiences from the open space on the side of Asemakeskus.
Kontukoski Architects Ltd's vision of what the event and experience arena planned in Raksila could look like from the direction of Kajaanintie. Image: city of Oulu / Kontukoski Architects Ltd

The Experience Arena is planned to be built next to the city center of Oulu in Raksila, on the site of the former police station and courthouse. The location of the arena next to the future Station Centre is excellent, as traffic connections from all directions bring travelers directly to events.

The implementation of the Arena supports the development and vitality of the city center. The new cozy experience area will be built a stone's throw away from the city center blocks, and its functions will increase the opportunities for city residents to spend their free time in an environment that offers interesting experiences and services. The Experience Arena brings international level sports, culture and conference events within the reach of all northern Finns, and thanks to its location, it also serves northern Sweden and Norway.

The city center of Oulu and its surrounding areas have been developed systematically for decades. The city is being renewed for the future, and the planning takes into account the needs of the residents above all.

The city is committed to implementing the Arena. We are currently looking for partners and an implementation and business model for the arena for events and experiences.

An image produced by artificial intelligence of what the arena for events and experiences will look like in the future. In the picture, a little girl is cheering in the stands.
Image produced with artificial intelligence

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