Havainnekuva tapahtuma- ja elämysareenasta.

Spearhead Projects

We are making Oulu into one of Norhtern Europe's most interesting cities to experience for students and entrepreneurs, to succeed and fall in love in - to live in.

The development of Oulu is centered on two areas - the Urban and Coastal Oulu. Development in these areas does not only enrich out city's vitality and scenery, but also promises a dynamic, sustainable and dynamic environment for the citizens, businesses and tourists in the region. Above all else, Oulu's time promises an inspirational and safe environment for those whose lives are about to start.

During the years 2024-2030, Oulu will develop sustainably in many sectors at once: an Experience Arena and travel centre, Water Sport Centre and new Musem and Science Centre will be built. Additionally, the Virpiniemi Sport Centre, Market Square and the Coastal Nallikari will be renewed. In 2025, Finland's Housing Fair will arrive to Oulu and Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in 2026. The total investment will be almost billion euros. 

Now it is Oulu's Time!