Information about the Environment and Nature

It is a part of Oulu’s core values that we promote a sustainable lifestyle smartly and we act in a way that ensures that future generations can make decisions. Responsible action creates safety. As environmental consciousness and the selection of measures increase it is easier to make environmentally responsible action a part of everyday life.  

The Environment Office of the Oulu Region’s duties include producing and sharing information about the environment as well as promoting the residents’ environmental consciousness. Environmental consciousness means the totality of information, values, attitudes and actions regarding the environment. The goal is to create change towards a sustainable future.  

Environmental responsibility and consciousness are promoted in the city of Oulu’s work communities with ecosupport action for example. Action coordinated by the Environment Office of the Oulu Region is realized in work communities with the help of nominated and trained ecosupport representatives. The representatives guide and encourage their colleagues towards environmentally friendly modes of operation. The activity was started in Oulu in January 2012 and there are almost 300 trained ecosupport representatives now. 

Moving in nature promotes environmental consciousness 

The accessibility and recreational possibilities of nature support the development of environmental consciousness. Nature in the Oulu region is very diverse, and it offers excellent possibilities for hiking and other recreational uses. In the Oulu region you can explore, for example, string bogs that are rich in natural value and emersion coasts with their waterfowl habitats and coastal meadows.  

More information about natural sites and hiking.

There are numerous birdwatching towers in various places in the Oulu region. For example, the towers in Liminganlahti are famous and easily accessible. You can see the locations of the birdwatching towers and platforms on the city of Oulu map service.

You may read further information about birdwatching towers and their locations, entry and equipment as well as bird information from the brochure below.