Natural Monuments

There are 40 protected natural monuments in the Oulu region, two of which are geological monuments and the rest different trees and tree groups. Below you will find a list of all natural monuments in the Oulu region by municipality, and a map that shows their locations. The user interface of the map service is in Finnish. 

You may explore the natural monuments on location according to the right of public access which, among other things, means that it is not allowed to explore monuments located on private courtyards without the landowner’s permission. Some monuments are located by or at the end of driveways, so driving or parking on the driveways could disturb the people living in the area. 

You may apply for protection of a natural monument from the Environment Office of the Oulu Region. The application instructions are found here: Environmental Protection Permits and Notifications.

Natural monuments in the Oulu region







The user interface of the map is in Finnish.