The Russian Library

The Russian Library is located in Espoo.

The Russian Library Website

The interlibrary service of the Russian Library sends materials in Russian language everywhere in Finland. Everyone living outside the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland can use the free interlibrary service. You can register as a customer of the Russian Library in your own library.

How to borrow materials from the Russian Library

Visit a library and tell the staff that you wish to become a customer of the Russian Library.

The Russian Library will send you a library card number and PIN.

You can select where the materials will be sent: to a Posti parcel locker or your local library..

You get a text message when your order has arrived.

Return the books.

  • If you have collected the books from a parcel locker, use the same code and bag you received the books in.
  • If you have collected the books from your local library, return the loans in the same bag to the same library.

Презентация Русскоязычной библиотеки / Library Presentation Video in Russian