Sámi Languages

Two people dressed in Sámi outfits.

OUTI Library collections have materials in Sámi languages for both children and adults. The collections have music, films, fiction and non-fiction literature.

Website on Sámi literature on Kirjasampo (in Finnish)

Sámi language reading diplomas for basic education

The reading diploma in Sámi language is now available. The Sámi Special Library of Finland is responsible for the diploma book lists and their updating. The Helmet Library reading diploma group is in charge of the technical execution.

The reading diploma can be used for all Sámi languages spoken in Finland. Fiction and non-fiction works are categorized in their own groups in all languages.

The content of the Northern Sámi diploma (lohkandiploma) is the most extensive, and the diplomas are divided into grades from primary to lower secondary school. In addition, a diploma for young children has been compiled. It can be used in daycare centres and reading sessions for parents and children.  

The contents of the Inari Sámi (luuhâmdiploma) and Skolt Sámi (lookkâmdiploom) reading diplomas are more limited and divided into books read in primary and lower secondary school. In addition, stories and tales have been compiled in their own diplomas. All diplomas also offer a bonus diploma.

There is a short description of each book and an attached link to the availability information in libraries in Lapland. The certificates of honour for each diploma can be printed on the website. The assignments are in the same file as the certificates. The idea bank includes other options to process reading experiences.

You can also utilize other websites for diplomas, such as virtualafierbmi.fi (in Finnish) and kirjasampo.fi/saame (in Finnish)

For more information, please contact kirjasto.lappi-osasto@rovaniemi.fi.