Library in Different Languages

Two women reading books in between book shelves.

The library is a calm place where you can read, use computers and study. In library you can borrow for example books, magazines, music and films.
You need a valid library card to borrow materials. You can get a library card from the library. When you get a library card, remember to bring your passport or other mean of identification with you.

Access to the library is free. There are 24 libraries in Oulu. The mobile library visits the places where there is no library.

Library customers have access to computers and the Internet in the library. All libraries in Oulu have a wireless network/WiFi (Kirjasto), which can be used without logging in.

Library employees help you with the use of library.

Library rules in Finnish, in English and in Swedish.

Library card

Customers under the age of 18 can get a library card with the permission of their parent or guardian.
You cannot borrow materials without a library card.

The library card is personal. Others must not use your library card. You are responsible for the books, magazines and music borrowed with the card. Notify the library immediately if your library card goes missing or your address changes.


Loan period

The loan period for books and magazines is four weeks. The loan period for DVD movies is shorter.

You will receive a receipt when borrowing library materials. The receipt declares the materials you borrowed and the date they must be returned. If you return materials late, you must pay a late fee.

You can extend the loan period of your materials in the library, by calling the library or online in online library. You need PIN for online renewal. You can get a PIN from library.

If someone else has reserved the material after you, you cannot borrow it immediately again.



You can return borrowed materials to all Oulu City libraries. You do not need a library card when returning materials.



You can reserve a book or other materials borrowed by another person either in library or in online library. The library will send you a notification when you can pick up a book reserved for you. Reserving materials is free of charge. If the reservation is not picked up, a fee will be charged.



Libraries organize events and exhibitions for people of all ages.