Plot Application Instructions

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You may apply for plots in the city of Oulu

The plots are presented and can be applied for in the online application service (in Finnish). Single-family home plots (for families and private individuals) for independent home building are applied for online. 

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Single-Family Home Plot Assignment Process

Filling in the application

Log in to the plot application service and fill in the application. Please remember to ensure that all your information has been filled in correctly and authenticate your application before sending it in.

Reservation decision

Once the application has been processed, you will receive an official notice of service about the decision by the means you have requested, either via e-mail or mail. Specific instructions for paying the reservation fee and preparing lease or purchase contracts are written on the notice. The reservation is usually in effect for 3–4 months.  

Conducting soil testing

When the plot is reserved for you, before signing official lease or purchase contracts, the city demands that the plot recipient conducts soil testing with the required statement of establishment on the plot. The test results give a more accurate picture of the soil’s condition and what effects it has on the practices and costs of construction, among other things.  

Signing the lease or purchase contract

Book an appointment with the Urban and Environmental Services property secretary to sign the lease or purchase contract. After signing the contract, apply for your lease to be registered with the National Land Survey of Finland.  

Building permit

Before starting construction, you must obtain a building permit for the plot. Please contact Building Control regarding building permits.  


Once your building project has obtained a building permit, you may start building. However, please note that even though the building permit is in effect for five (5) years, the city has set conditions regarding building obligations based on the type of contract. On rental plots, the building obligation period is two (2) years; by then the residential building must be approved by the Building Control’s commissioning inspection. On sold plots, the building obligation period is three (3) years.  


Single-Family Home Plot Assignment Areas 2024-2025

Applying for plots in the online service 

  • Log in to the plot application online service (in Finnish).
  • Once you have read and confirmed the city plan provisions and instructions on building practices, ensuring that realizing your building project is possible on your desired plot, choose the plot by clicking “Lisää koriin” (add to basket) button (the shopping basket symbol).  

  • You may apply for multiple plots with one application, up to a maximum of 25. 

  • Once the plot or plots are selected, click the shopping basket symbol in the upper corner: “Avaa kori” (open basket) and next “Tee tonttihakemus” (fill in the plot application).  

  • When applying for multiple plots, you must arrange the plots in order of priority so that the first plot listed is your primary choice.  

  • All applicants applying for the plot (all persons that will be recorded in the lease or purchase contract) must be recorded in the application by clicking “Lisää uusi hakija” (add new applicant).  

  • Add all underage children and people in dependent care, especially if you are applying during a temporary application round where families with children (people in dependent care included) have their own draw group. 

  • There is no need to write down any arguments in the “Lisätiedot hakemukseen” (details regarding the application) box because the plot draws do not utilize a points system except for the families with children draw group. 

  • The applicant may decide whether they will rent or purchase the plot if the prices of both options are listed for the plot. 

  • Before sending the application, make sure to authenticate it with your bank information for example. It is enough if only one applicant authenticates. If you are unable to authenticate, the applicant must book and attend an appointment at Environment House during office hours and authenticate the application personally. 

  • Check the application and send it by clicking “Lähetä hakemus” (send the application).

Please note that only one application at once can be sent from one household. The applicant cannot simultaneously have a reservation for a plot obtained from the city of Oulu. The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of their information. An application that does not follow the application instruction is rejected and presenting false information during the application leads to cancellation of the reservation or a contractual fine after signing the contract.  

The applicant will receive confirmation to their chosen e-mail address once the application is processed. Sent applications can be inspected and their status can be tracked by logging in to the application service via the link provided in the e-mail. The official plot reservation decision will be sent later (in about a week) to the e-mail address recorded in the application or via mail.  

Single-family home plot reservation fees and soil testing 

  • A 3000 € reservation fee is charged for rental plot reservations (550 € processing fee, 898 € subdivision fee, and 1552 € rental deposit). If the plot reservation is withdrawn, the 550 € processing fee must be paid to the city regardless. 

  • The reservation fee for a sales plot is 550 €. The reservation fee is not compensated in the purchase price. If the plot reservation is withdrawn, the 550 € processing fee must be paid to the city regardless. An 898 € subdivision fee is charged from the party purchasing the plot. 

  • The plot’s deed of transfer (purchase contract / lease contract) is primarily written in the National Land Survey of Finland’s online plot exchange service. National Land Survey of Finland’s service fees (in Finnish).

    • An online plot sale is subject to a 221 € transaction fee, which includes a 161 € title registration fee. A plot sale on paper is subject to the following charges: the notary’s reward (128 €) and a title registration fee (161 €), 289 € all together. 

    • Signing a lease contract in the online service is subject to a 112 € lease registration fee. Signing a lease contract on paper is subject to a 161 € registration fee. 

  • The reservation fee is charged after making the decision. The payment time is one (1) month. 

  • The reservation period is about 3-4 months after the decision’s publication (until the date mentioned in the decision document). 

Before filling in an application, please read 

Plot-specific building instructions can be requested from the Building Control contact person listed in the plot’s description. 

Please note! Plots are assigned in the condition they are currently in. 

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