Information About Plot Formation

In the detailed plan area of ​​the city of Oulu, a binding plot division plan is generally prepared for a city block area, either in connection with the detailed plan or separately after the plan comes into effect.

Plot division plan is a plan for dividing the area of ​​a city block determined in the detailed plan into independent real estates. The area determined as a guiding plot in the detailed plan and plot division plan is not yet a real estate, it is only the area of ​​a future plot that is defined based on the city's coordinate information, as well as the city plan and plot division plan maps.

Real estate formation takes place by plot parcelling. In this way, the guiding plot is formed into a real estate suitable for building, a plot. When plot parcelling is completed, the plot is registered in the Real Estate Register. It is important to note that only a plot that is registered in the Real Estate Register is suitable for building!

If the remaining pieces of land of a real estate unit or a plot specified in the old plan coincide with the boundaries of the guiding plot, the plot can also be registered without parcelling of the plot. Such registration is an administrative measure, not a cadastral survey. Field work is the most important service that the landowner does not receive in this case, i.e. boundary markers may be missing from the boundaries of the plot, old boundaries are not processed, the surface area of ​​the plot is not accurately verified.

On the other hand, in addition to fieldwork not being required, there is no need to inform or hold a meeting, process the rights to the plot, the documents are more concise and a plot map will not be prepared.

Plot registration benefits both land owners and the city.