Keepers of Real Estate Register in City of Oulu Area

Keeping of the city's Real Estate Register means that the city of Oulu carries out and registers cadastral surveys in its detailed plan areas, such as parcelling, land exchange, demarcation and easement surveys and other measures related to Real Estate Register data, and archives the documents resulting from them. Therefore, these measures are requested from the city of Oulu's keeper of the Real Estate Register.

If the application has been delivered to the wrong place, the National Land Survey of Finland's service point or the city of Oulu's keeper of the Real Estate Register will deliver it ex officio to the correct person carrying out the survey. On the basis of the title registration, parcelling is initiated by the respective keeper of the Real Estate Register.

When a binding plot division has been drawn up in the detailed plan areas of ​​the city of Oulu, either in connection with the plan or after the plan came into force, for a city block area that is in accordance with the detailed plan it is important to note that this plot is prohibited from building until it is registered in the Real Estate Register.

In ​​the city of Oulu area, the Real Estate Register is maintained according to the following regional division:

City of Oulu

  • detailed plan areas excluding shore plan areas

National Land Survey of Finland

  • sparsely populated areas
  • shore plan areas

Contact details of the National Land Survey of Finland:

Street address:      National Land Survey of Finland, Oulu Service Point
                                   Veteraanikatu 9, 90130 Oulu

Mailing Adress:        Maanmittauslaitos/Toimitushakemukset
                                  PL 1005, 33101 Tampere

Telephone:              Customer service 029 530 1110,
                                 ma-pe klo 9-16.15