Street Planning

Ritaharju, aerial picture

The basis of street planning is the local detailed plan, traffic and other general plans and investigations compiled during regional planning. Street planning considers different modes of transport, traffic safety, maintenance needs, accessibility, common sense, aesthetics and economically purposeful construction.  

What is a street plan? 

Street plans are administrative, Land Use and Building Decree mandated plans of public space use, based on which streets gain a building permit. By decree, the street plan must present the different purposes the street is used for and the integration of the street into the environment, principles of traffic arrangement, drainage and rainwater management, street elevation, surface material, plantation and stationary structures and devices. 

A street plan is a document that is public to all stakeholders throughout the project, beginning from the planning phase, all the way to its approval. During the planning phase, we will inform all parties of the project’s schedule, effects and contents.